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How will the 2014-15 Federal Budget affect the Uniting Church’s Community Service Providers and those they serve?

The 2014-15 Federal Budget has been released, revealing the Government’s policy and spending priorities.

This Budget will have many effects on the Uniting Church’s service providers (UnitingCare agencies), as well as those who require the support and help of the UnitingCare network.

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Decipher: The Australian Federal Budget, Part 2

In part 1 of Decipher: The Australian Federal Budget, we discussed the lead-up to the presentation of the Australian Federal Budget. In part 2, we will discuss what happens afterwards.

Deconstruction and commentary

On the night of the Federal Budget, the news is dominated by analysis and commentary.

Various groups dissect the Budget documents, extract the government’s outlook and priorities, and attempt to predict the effect the new Budget will have on Australia.

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Decipher: The Australian Federal Budget, Part 1

Every year, the Australian government prepares the Federal Budgeta statement outlining their intended income and expenditure over the following year. This is a good time to find out what a government’s priorities are by examining the way they divide up the country’s spending.

In order to follow the Budget, we will return to our fictional politician, Reginald Personson MP of the Generally Pleasant Party, as he watches the budget process in regards to one of his areas of interest, the Federal Manners Commission.
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