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Decipher: Parliamentary Committees

One of the best ways for the community to have input in political discussion is through submissions to parliamentary committees. Organisations and individuals can submit letters and reports to groups of backbenchers investigating specific topics, or considering the future of bills in parliament.

In order to find out what a committee is and what their function is, let’s return to our fictional politician, Reginald Personson MP, Member for Houghnice.

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Decipher: Who Is Your Member of Parliament?

Talking to your local Member of Parliament is sometimes the best way to have your say in federal politics. But what is a Member of Parliament? How did they get to that position?

To answer some of these questions, we have created a fictional character. His name is Reginald Personson, and he lives in the town of Civilton, which is in the federal electorate of “Houghnice”.
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